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Why choose us?

Our Warranty:

Cutting Edge proudly warrants our cabinetry against defects directly related to the craftsmanship of the cabinetry produced by Cutting Edge.

All stained cabinetry will carry a 1 year limited warranty from the time of installation. The warranty applies to residential cabinetry only.

Cutting Edge will not assume responsibility to damages beyond our control due to excessive abuse; panel shrinkage due to household humidity, damages occurred after installation due to the fault of contractor or sub-contractors, or customer modifications of any type. All hardware will carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

All repairs are evaluated by Cutting Edge and are replaced or repaired at our discretion. Tops will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty as well as the fabricating companies’ warranty. Cutting Edge is not responsible for their products and should not be held liable for any issues with those products.

In the event of any defects of your Cutting Edge cabinetry, please notify us at your earliest convenience. 

With old world techniques and modern technology, we are able to provide you with custom cabinetry that is among the best that is being offered today.  We only use the finest products available on our cabinetry as standard, not as an upgrade like many others.  We will describe in detail our “standard” of cabinetmaking.

Our cabinet boxes...

are made with an all-wood maple interior that has endless variety of storage solutions to accommodate your specific needs.  Cutting Edge miters the face frame to the finished end panels to provide and glue joint that is virtually invisible.  Almost all others shops will not take this step due to the degree of difficulty and the amount of time it takes to do this procedure.   Cutting Edge attaches face frames to boxes with dados, biscuits, and glue which make separation virtually impossible.   Some cabinetmakers use nails and glue to attach their frames to the box. This method makes for a very weak joint and unattractive appearance when stained.

Our drawer and pull-out shelving systems...

are constructed out of solid Maple.  Drawer boxes have dovetailed corners and ½” thick bottoms to provide extra support for those heavy pots and pans.  Our pull-out shelving also have ½” thick bottoms and a raised back to keep those objects in place during operation.  The drawer hardware system is the absolute best on the market. Blum’s Tandem under-mount glides with the “Blumotion” feature are the elite among its competitors.


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Our doors...

are constructed with a very deep tongue and groove to provide a very strong door that will withstand lots everyday use.  The hinges we use are made by Blum also and have a 2-way cam adjustment that keeps the hinge in adjustment after a period of use.  We can reproduce virtually any door style or possibly create a custom “one of a kind” style.  We also offer many decorative styles of glass to compliment the style of cabinetry you have chosen.

Our finish...

 Cutting Edge uses a post catalyzed conversion varnish by M.L. Campbell.  The varnish is non-yellowing so your cabinetry will look as good as the day it was installed after many years of service.  We also offer glazing on most of all finishes giving you a more interesting and unique look.  We are sure that you will be very pleased with options and creative looks that we will be able to offer you.

Our lumber selection...

Cutting Edge will work with most of any lumber species that you desire.  Anything from cherry to alder, mahogany to walnut and everything in between including exotics such as zebrawood, bamboo as well as many more.  We will guide you in what particular species works well on your project and which ones wouldn’t be advisable.